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Cloud brightening experiment in California temporarily stopped

Cloud brightening experiment in California temporarily stopped

Local officials in California have halted a cloud brightening experiment due to potential health concerns, as researchers tested a technology to combat global warming by reflecting sunlight.

Christopher Flavelle reports for The New York Times.

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Exploring solar geoengineering's potential and perils

As the climate crisis deepens, the siren song of solar geoengineering beckons, but the law of unintended consequences looms large.

Jeremy Freeman writes for The New York Times.

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Tribal concerns rise as solar geoengineering experiments advance

Recent solar geoengineering experiments in Nevada, involving sulfur dioxide balloon releases, have sparked significant tribal consent issues, highlighting a growing conflict in climate intervention strategies.

Hilary Beaumont reports for High Country News.

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Old bomber will sniff the sky for geoengineering aerosols

U.S. scientists plan this month to launch a multiyear study of the stratosphere to help world leaders better understand whether it’s possible to use solar geoengineering to counter global warming. And they’re going back in time to do it.

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Blocking sun rays finds support in the Senate

Senators on both sides of the aisle are open to funding research on solar geoengineering, a little understood and potentially dangerous method of blocking the sun’s rays to quickly reduce global warming.

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Sunlight reflection (solar geoengineering) must be studied: Scientists

As climate change grows more obvious, citizens will increasingly demand that we do something about it. Experts say it is better to do the research now.