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Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

As Farmers Face a Warmer Future, an Ancient Grain Shows Promise

The Midwest is known for its rows and rows of corn and soybeans that uniformly cover the landscape. But in central Missouri, farmer Linus Rothermich disrupts the usual corn and soybean rotation with Japanese millet. He has been growing it since 1993.

sorghum farm climate solutions

An ancient grain made new again: How sorghum could help U.S. farms adapt to climate change

Sorghum—popular among young, BIPOC, and under-resourced farmers—has extra long roots that allow it to withstand drought and sequester greenhouse gasses.
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Ghanaian farmers embrace 'lost crops' to adapt to climate change

Farmer Alhaji Dabuo’s switch to sorghum is part of a wider move by farmers to embrace so-called “lost crops” from decades past and implement their own locally-led adaptations to the unpredictable weather linked to climate change.