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London mayor to intensify climate policies despite opposition
Venezuela's last glacier disappears, marking an environmental milestone
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Photo by Kyle Winkle on Unsplash

Water scarcity worst in South Asia, UN says

Floods, droughts and other extreme weather events have contributed to millions of children lacking access to basic water services, according to the latest report by UNICEF.
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Image by anurag Singh from Pixabay

Climate crisis linked to rising domestic violence in south Asia, study finds

As deadly heatwaves sweep through cities in India, China, the US and Europe amid the climate crisis, new research has found that rising temperatures are associated with a substantial rise in domestic violence against women.

ocean acidification & bleaching

Bleaching, it’s not just for corals

Giant clams suffer similar struggles with warming water, though the consequences don’t seem quite as dire.
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Bangladeshi fishers and farmers at the frontline of climate change

Bangladeshis say fossil fuel projects are compounding climate-fueled devastation faced by hundreds of thousands of people, including families of fisher folk and farmers, who have lost their livelihoods due to the construction of a huge coal power plant.

India's sacred forest groves

In India, sacred groves are helping resurrect a near-extinct forest ecosystem

Botanists and community stewards from Auroville, Tamil Nadu, are using scattered patches of native forest as a blueprint to revive the tropical dry evergreen forest ecosystems of coastal India.
palm oil environment rainforests

Palm oil is actually not that bad for the environment (anymore)

Palm oil once destroyed orangutan-filled rainforests in Southeast Asia. Now, the industry is cleaning up its act.
The South Asia monsoon is becoming more extreme

The South Asia monsoon is becoming more extreme

South Asia’s monsoon is inextricably linked, culturally and economically, to much of Asia. Climate change is making it increasingly violent and erratic.