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carbon pipeline

South Dakota's latest legislative effort to restrict eminent domain for carbon pipelines falls short

In a close vote, South Dakota's House Commerce and Energy Committee rejected a bill aimed at preventing carbon sequestration pipelines from using eminent domain, continuing a contentious debate over property rights and environmental concerns.

Joshua Haiar reports for South Dakota Searchlight.

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wheat farm
Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

Rising crop insurance payouts: Hidden cost of climate change

South Dakota farmers have received nearly $10 billion in payouts from the Federal Crop Insurance Corp. over roughly the past two decades, with payments specifically due to weather disasters rising significantly during that time.

carbon pipeline seeks SD water rights

Carbon pipeline company's water-rights application sparks opposition

State officials are recommending a water-rights permit for a carbon dioxide pipeline company, but some nearby residents have concerns.
carbon pipe midwest

A different kind of pipeline project scrambles Midwest politics

Plans that would bury carbon underground rather than release it in the air have stoked debate over climate and property rights, creating unlikely alliances and stirring memories of fierce battles over oil.
solar wind energy climate

Which state is winning at renewable energy production?

Can you guess which state generates the largest fraction of its electricity from renewable sources?

south dakota climate denial pollution

Climate change brings lower air quality to East River

“Blue-state refugees” may be creating an enclave of climate-science deniers in South Dakota. But they can’t escape the effects of the changes their wanting gas-guzzling are having on the planet.

population climate millennials gen z

Gen Z, millennials speak out on reluctance to become parents

Women interviewed cited climate change, along with overwhelming student debt coupled with inflation, as reasons they'll never be parents. Some younger men, too, are opting out and more are seeking vasectomies.