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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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China vows new incentives to cut pollution, CO2, but says 'stability' paramount

China will introduce new incentives to cut pollution and carbon emissions this year, but flexibility and stability remain the country's top priorities as economic pressures mount.

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China has "long way to go" to meet ecological goals - State Council

China has a "long way to go" on environmental protection, its State Council acknowledged, as it announced an "in-depth" fight against pollution with new targets for cleaner air and water and measures to tackle carbon emissions.

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Pulling power: The green lure of Sweden’s industrial far north

Long home to polluting industries, the hydro and wind power of Sweden's far north is set to reduce the country's carbon footprint as it lures low-emission manufacturers and creates thousands of jobs for those willing to brave the dark and cold.