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Shrinking Western Arctic Caribou

Shrinking Western Arctic caribou herd prompts discussion about future hunting restrictions

One of the largest caribou herds in the state has shrunk by 23% since 2019. Wildlife managers and Northwest Alaska residents are trying to strike a balance between protecting subsistence harvests and ensuring the herd’s long-term survival.
First Nations decry herbicide spraying

'It's a dead forest': northern bush pilot, First Nations decry herbicide spraying

A bush pilot, hunting outfitter, and environmental lawyer in Foleyet has spent almost 20 years asking the provincial government to stop spraying chemical herbicides over Ontario forests.
Feeling the heat in winter

Feeling the heat in winter

This year in Alaska, an abnormal rise in temperature has, like in much of the north, disrupted isolated communities, upset subsistence hunting patterns, and even led to some deaths.