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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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‘Extrapolations’ and the peril of climate cringe

A well-meaning Apple TV+ series is the latest story to struggle with making an environmental wake-up call into good drama.
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French TV stations are adding climate change context to their weather forecasts

Weather bulletins on two French TV channels - France 2 and France 3 - will be transformed from Monday into "weather and climate bulletins". It is meant to better explain the consequences of climate change on the weather, France Télévisions told AFP.

Extrapolations: Apple TV climate change drama
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In ‘Extrapolations,’ Scott Z. Burns dramatizes some inconvenient truths

The star-studded Apple TV+ series about climate change could have felt like a plea to eat your vegetables. But not if Burns could make it entertaining.
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Climate crisis fuels new wave of TV ‘eco thrillers’

The Swarm joins The Last of Us as the latest drama series to depict the biological destruction of civilisation.

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The new soldiers in propane’s fight against climate action: television stars

An industry group is spending millions of dollars to push back against efforts to move heating away from oil and gas.
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Radio and TV shows don’t have to give airtime to climate change deniers to provide balance, says regulator

Radio and TV shows do not have to give airtime to climate change deniers or doubters to provide balanced coverage of the issue, the industry regulator has said.
‘This is part of our world now’: can TV shows adequately reflect the climate crisis?
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‘This is part of our world now’: can TV shows adequately reflect the climate crisis?

Only around 2.8% of TV shows and films between 2016 and 2020 mentioned climate issues. But a new run of writers is looking to increase that.