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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Can Texas’ grid ever deliver 100% renewable energy?

Texas leads the nation in renewable energy. Solar, wind and other renewables exclusively power businesses, colleges and even one town in the state. So, why can’t the state simply continue that trend and run on 100% renewable energy?

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to focus enforcemen
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Senate approves Texas environmental agency sunset bill

The bill would require the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to focus enforcement on repeat violators and increase public outreach.
Texas electrical grid
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Bills aimed at adding more natural gas power to Texas grid clear Senate

Critics say the bills could lead to untold billions in added costs to customers and minimal benefits while ignoring needed efforts to reduce electricity demand.
Texas to expand fast-charging EV stations
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Texas legislation aims to expand fast-charging electric vehicle stations

Two bills would form the foundation for companies to build more electric vehicle charging stations across the state, supporters say.
El Paso fossil fuels phaseout
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El Paso charter fight tests whether city will move away from fossil fuels

As global efforts to combat climate change falter, climate activists have turned to local initiatives to rein in carbon emissions. A May vote on a city charter amendment has thrust El Paso into the fray.
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Proposed rule to limit pollution may force Texas to limit emissions

Federal limits on particulate matter commonly known as soot could mean cleaner, safer air for Texans. But environmental experts worry Texas may snub rules.
Texas blocks citizen protests

Port Arthur pollution fight shows how Texas blocks citizen protests

A local activist went before a judge, arguing for lower pollution limits on two new liquified natural gas facilities. The judge sided with him, but the state environmental agency sided with the companies.