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nurses climate change
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
FEMA faces potential funding shortfall amid increasing natural disasters
Biden administration finalizes environmental regulations ahead of potential Trump presidency
Great Lakes water quality

Scientists urge Canada to address emerging water contaminants in the Great Lakes

Scientists studying unregulated contaminants are calling for coordinated action from Ontario and federal governments to protect water and health in the Great Lakes region.

Fatima Syed reports for The Narwhal.

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deep ocean ecology & threats
Credit: Rich Carey/BigStock Photo ID: 237822313

Diving into the deep ocean's mysteries and challenges

A deeper dive into the ocean's heart reveals a world rich with life, challenging our understanding of Earth's biosphere and highlighting the dire consequences of human pollution.

James Bradley reports for The Guardian.

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Chemours, DuPont PFAS pollution NC
Credit: Glynnis Jones/BigStock Photo ID: 120471452

Chemours and DuPont's knowledge of PFAS risks leads to UN intervention

A United Nations human rights panel has spotlighted a North Carolina PFAS plant for its environmental negligence, highlighting the ongoing production of toxic chemicals despite known health risks.

James Bruggers reports for Inside Climate News.

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Formosa Plastics Cancer Alley
Credit: Ted Auch/FracTracker Alliance/Flickr

A Louisiana court just revived plans for the country’s biggest plastics plant

An appeals court cleared the way for the chemical giant Formosa Plastics to start building its $9.4 billion complex in Cancer Alley.
plastic chemicals health care costs
Credit: Jas Min on Unsplash

Plastic chemicals linked to $249 billion in US health care costs in just one year, study finds

By contributing to the development of chronic disease and death, a group of hormone-disruptive plastic chemicals is costing the US health care system billions — over $249 billion in 2018 alone, a new study found.

Jane Muncke: "Perils of Plastic Packaging”

Jane Muncke: "Perils of Plastic Packaging”

On this episode, toxicology scientist Dr. Jane Muncke joins Nate to discuss the current state of food production and the effects of ultra processed foods and their packaging on our health.

Texas polluters evade enforcement
Credit: FracTracker Alliance/Ted Auch/Flickr

‘Major’ problem in Texas: How big polluters evade federal law and get away with it

Industrial developers describe facilities as “minor” polluters to avoid federal permitting requirements, and environmental lawyers say the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality lets it happen.