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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Hawaii wildfire impacts coral reefs
Credit: State Farm/Flickr

Hawaii faces an unprecedented challenge as wildfire impacts coral reefs

In the wake of the Lahaina wildfire, scientists and locals grapple with the potential toxic runoff into Maui's coral ecosystems. Audrey McAvoy reports for the Associated Press.

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L.A. plan to capture more storm water

L.A. has $556 million and a plan to capture more storm water. But will they ever do it?

After a series of storms drenched the region with a record 9.4 inches of rain in December, the Los Angeles River became a roiling, violent torrent in its concrete channel, before finally spilling into the Pacific Ocean.

artificial-intelligence robot sprayer

Deep-learning artificial-intelligence robot sprayer helps in farming fight to save Great Barrier Reef

Farmers, herbicides and Artificial Intelligence are not a likely match, but AI that targets weeds may be a game changer for reef catchment farmers.
What does massive flooding in the Midwest mean for wildlife?

What does massive flooding in the Midwest mean for wildlife?

Some species struggle to survive, while others become more invasive.