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Germany "persistently" broke air pollution rules, EU top court rules

Germany persistently violated EU limits on air pollution, the European Union's top court says, in a ruling that could see the country face financial penalties if it fails to improve air quality in several big cities.

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This must be the 'decade of action' on climate change, John Kerry says

This year's United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland must kick-start a decade of action to address the environmental crisis, U.S. climate change envoy John Kerry said on Tuesday during a visit to European Union headquarters in Brussels.

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EU readies reforms to energy treaty as climate criticisms mount

The European Commission is expected to propose reforms to an international energy treaty as early as Monday, EU officials said, after some governments have said the bloc should consider quitting the agreement because it could threaten climate goals.
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European aviation maps flight path to carbon neutrality

Europe's aviation sector laid out how it could eliminate its net carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, a commitment it said would depend on policy support to scale up sustainable fuels and breakthrough technologies.

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EU climate change plans will ripple through foreign policy, researchers say

The European Union's goal to have zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 will have "profound geopolitical repercussions," including sharply lower revenue to oil and gas exporting neighbors such as Russia, Algeria and Libya, the European University Institute and two influential think-tanks say.

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Volkswagen faces EU fine for missing 2020 emissions targets

Volkswagen faces a fine of more than 100 million euros ($121 million) for missing EU targets on carbon dioxide emissions from its 2020 passenger car fleet, the world's largest carmaker says.

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Shift to renewable energy eases key environmental burdens, EU says

Europe's shift from fossil fuel-based electricity to renewable sources has reduced environmental problems while also cutting the greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.