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refinery benzene
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
biodiversity resilience
Great Salt Lake mineral extraction

Utah introduces new regulations for mineral extraction at the Great Salt Lake

A recent bill passed by the Utah Legislature introduces significant changes to the regulation of mineral extraction at the Great Salt Lake, aiming to address the lake's declining water levels.

Brooke Larsen reports for High Country News.

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negotiating Colorado River future

The future of the Colorado River hinges on one young negotiator

J.B. Hamby, California’s representative in talks about sharing water from the Colorado River, holds the keys to a quarter of the river’s flow — and its future.
water drought & deluge resilience

Why we need a ‘slow water’ movement

To withstand drought and deluge, an H2O how-to from Erica Gies, author of ‘Water Always Wins.’

BC faces historic drought

Canada’s wettest province faces historic drought — and a precarious new future

From grasshopper infestations to water restrictions, B.C.’s drought is affecting all corners of the province in ways surprising and predictable. Is the government doing enough to lead?
saudi arizona groundwater injustice

A Saudi company took as much water as it wanted during Arizona drought

Lax rules let a Saudi-owned company pump water from Arizona state land to grow alfalfa for the kingdom’s cattle.
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Supreme Court’s Clean Water Act EPA ruling

How Supreme Court’s EPA ruling will affect U.S. wetlands, clean water

The decision could affect tens of thousands of acres of wetlands, including in the Everglades and the Mississippi River basin.
data centers energy & water consumption
Jefferson Lab/Flickr/Photo by Aileen Devlin | Jefferson Lab/ Public Domain/

A new front in the water wars: Thirsty, giant data centers

In the American West, data centers are clashing with local communities who want to preserve water amid drought.