Some residents taking fighting       wildfires into their own hands

As wildfire seasons worsen, a growing number of rural residents are buying and outfitting fire rigs and other equipment to protect their property and themselves.

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Virginia program aims to foster grassland bird habitat on farms

Birdsong is the soundtrack of life in the country, and a coalition of conservation groups aims to keep it that way.

How New Yorkers won the right to a “healthful environment”

A movement to add “Green Amendments” to state constitutions could help protect environmental rights around the country.

With loss of forests, Bali villages find themselves vulnerable to disaster

Bali’s Penyaringan village was hit by flash floods in September, which some have linked to the ongoing loss of its forest.

Tamarya Sims is on a quest for land

Sims is in the vanguard of young land stewards who embrace farming not just as a means of production, but to cultivate sustainable relationships with the natural world.

Why the energy transition will be so complicated

The degree to which the world depends on oil and gas is not well understood.

What if riding the bus was free?

Saying ‘no fares’ could make public transit better and streets safer, while speeding up climate and justice progress. Who’s onboard?
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Feeling anxious about climate change? Experts say you're not alone

Research shows more people are feeling anxious about the climate crisis and their numbers will only increase in the coming years. Experts are concerned it's taking a toll on mental health.

​​How to address the looming crisis of climate anxiety

As climate change worsens, the need will grow for mental health services. Some therapists are recommending climate action to ease worry. Others are advocating for community-based therapies to fill the gap.

Silent Earth: Averting the insect apocalypse

As insects become more scarce, our world will slowly grind to a halt, for it cannot function without them.

Worsening heat waves are hammering the disabled community

EHN talked to people with disabilities put in increased danger during last summer's Pacific Northwest heat waves. Activists say accessible cooling centers and air conditioning are key to combating this injustice.