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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
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Mitch Lettow climate michigan forests
Photo by Isaac Wolf on Unsplash

‘If trees had feet’: Tree migration brings climate resiliency to Michigan forests

Conservation groups and tribal experts are testing which more southerly tree species may thrive further north to face the challenges of climate change, woodland disease, and invasive species.
climate energy ice storm

Ice storm showcased Michigan’s fragile electric grid. Here’s what could be done to bolster it

Climate change has increasingly made weather extremes more common in Michigan, and the recent mid-week ice storm that destroyed tree branches and gnarled power lines is the latest example.

ann arbor politics michigan

10 ways Michigan’s shift in power could advance Ann Arbor’s agenda

Planning to lobby for changes in state law to advance city goals around human rights, gun control, climate change and more, the Ann Arbor City Council adopted a new 37-page legislative policy agenda this past week.

michigan palisades nuclear plant climate energy

Restart of Palisades nuclear plant would bolster power supply, support climate goals

Federal funds would help restart an 800-megawatt nuclear power plant and bolster Michigan’s carbon-free energy supply, while also helping meet emissions reduction goals.
Stellantis to pay $284k air pollution fine

Stellantis to pay $284k air pollution fine over Detroit emissions

Stellantis must install new emissions controls at Jeep assembly plant under settlement terms.
diesel trucks michigan emissions climate

Michigan companies fined $10M for selling diesel ‘defeat devices’

Two Oakland County companies have been fined $10 million for selling aftermarket parts designed to bypass automobile emissions controls.

michigan summer climate impacts

A Michigan summer day could be as hot as the deep South by 2100

Climate scientists publish ‘shifting cities’ data to show how summertime temperatures can be expected to change by the year 2100.