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nurses climate change
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
FEMA faces potential funding shortfall amid increasing natural disasters
Biden administration finalizes environmental regulations ahead of potential Trump presidency
brazilian meatpacker jbs greenhouse driver
Credit: USAID Ethiopia/Flickr

Unlikely allies want to bar JBS, the Brazilian beef giant, from U.S. stock markets

Environmentalists and American meat producers alike are asking regulators to keep JBS, the world’s biggest meatpacker, off the New York Stock Exchange.
green agriculture climate solutions

Biden’s climate science test: proving green ag program actually works

President Joe Biden's administration poured $3 billion into greening agriculture. Some climate advocates aren't convinced it will help.
unsustainable leather Amazon cattle

Maker of leather car seats targeted in congressional probe

The world's largest maker of leather car seats is targeted in a growing congressional probe of environmental and human rights abuses in auto supply chains.
saudi arizona groundwater injustice

A Saudi company took as much water as it wanted during Arizona drought

Lax rules let a Saudi-owned company pump water from Arizona state land to grow alfalfa for the kingdom’s cattle.
regenerative cattle ranching

Climate-smart cowboys hope regenerative cattle ranching can heal the land and sequester carbon

Grazing livestock to mimic how wildlife forages can prevent the erosion of topsoil, protect water quality and keep carbon out of the atmosphere, but it requires big changes in how the beef industry operates.

paraguay gran chaco fragmentation
Arcadiuš/Flickr/Commercial use & mods allowed

Gran Chaco: Will a new road improve or destroy the 'green hell'?

Work is under way on a transnational highway through the Gran Chaco, a unique ecosystem in South America.
Brazil's disappearing Cerrado savanna
A. Duarte/Flickr/Commercial use & mods allowed

In Brazil, scientists fight an uphill battle to restore the disappearing Cerrado savanna

  • While restoration in places like the Amazon has attracted significant funding and resources, non-forested biomes like Brazil’s Cerrado savanna are struggling to attract the same resources, even as it faces some of the highest deforestation rates in years.