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Colorado transportation planning
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Tornadoes strike the US almost daily from late April to late May
India experiences extreme heatwave with record-breaking temperatures
Charleston's battle with wastewater woes

Charleston's battle with wastewater woes

In Charleston, S.C., environmental advocates are gearing up for legal action against Charleston Water for failing to curb frequent sewage overflows, raising health and environmental concerns.

Daniel Shailer reports for Inside Climate News.

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sea level rise climate impacts
Image by yanivmatza from Pixabay

Eight excellent books on sea level rise risk for U.S. cities

If you live in or are considering moving to Miami, Charleston, Houston, New Orleans, New York City, Norfolk, the Florida Keys, or coastal New Jersey, you should read these sea level rise books.

charleston susan crawford climate justice
Photo by David Martin on Unsplash

Book Review: ‘Charleston,’ by Susan Crawford

In “Charleston,” a case study of climate change and government negligence in the South Carolina city, Susan Crawford makes clear the disproportionate costs borne by communities of color in the coastal United States.
charleston sc climate impacts

The perfect storm: the US city where rising sea levels and racism collide

Cross-currents of denialism, boosterism, broken governance systems and deep-seated racism will meet with rapidly accelerating sea level rise.

flooding climate impacts urbanp lanning

Cities at risk of being underwater due to climate change are taking action

Climate change is affecting our coastal cities, potentially flooding them in 50 years. That is why cities are now starting to take action to preserve their city and their historic buildings.
charleston south carolina climate impacts flooding

As rising seas swamp South Carolina's shores, some coastal communities are left unprotected

A proposed $1.1 billion seawall bypasses marginalized Charleston neighborhoods and relies on outdated grey infrastructure. But there is an alternative: green, nature-based solutions can protect at-risk coastal communities.
Record-setting heat wave expands east; over 100 million under alerts

Record-setting heat wave expands east; over 100 million under alerts

Highs approaching triple digits will sprawl from Denver to Charleston, S.C., through midweek, while dangerous storms may form along northern edge of heat.