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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Miami climate gentrification
Credit: 2C2K Photography/Flickr

How a Black Miami neighborhood became ‘ground zero for climate gentrification’

A documentary, Razing Liberty Square, examines the plight of families in Liberty City as developers ‘revitalize’ community on desirable higher land.

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Image by Chris Engel from Pixabay

Property over people? New York City’s $52bn plan to save itself from the sea

A decade after Hurricane Sandy, critics of a federal plan that allocates billions to protect the region from rising waters are calling it a ‘failure of imagination.'

Miami says it can adapt to rising seas. Not everyone is convinced

Miami says it can adapt to rising seas. Not everyone is convinced

Officials have a new plan to manage rising water. Succeed or fail, it will very likely become a case study for other cities facing climate threats.
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Miami’s affordable housing at risk of sea level rise flooding

Daelé Guerra keeps a stack of bricks in her first-floor apartment in Hialeah. It’s the only protection she can afford against the floodwaters that have ruined all of her belongings three times this year alone. When the water comes, she uses them to prop up her furniture.
David L. Kelly And Renato Molina climate gentrification impacts

David L. Kelly and Renato Molina: Climate gentrification and affordable housing policies

Prioritizing Miami Beach may be the best route if the public is looking to minimize total economic losses due to climate risk. The problem with this strategy is that low income areas are left less protected.
Climate grief is burning across the American West

Climate grief is burning across the American West

Climate change is making wildfires bigger, fiercer, and deadlier, fueling a new kind of despair on the West Coast—and beyond.
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Xavier Suarez and Yvonne Maffia: Annual report on sea level rise

Future building codes should require an elevation standard that is consistent with our sea level rise trends and perhaps a stipulation requiring an area of unoccupied space at the bottom of each new structure.