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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Alberta coal mining politics

Months before Albertans were told, Australian miners knew plans to axe coal policy

Investor presentations signalled the Kenney government aimed to open protected lands to open-pit mining.
Loads of coal disinformation from the Kenney government

Loads of coal disinformation from the Kenney government

How Alberta’s energy and environment ministers misled on open-pit mining plans.
Alberta’s deceptive cancelled coal leases

Alberta’s cancelled coal leases called a ‘trick’

An ex-deputy minister terms yesterday’s step back ‘misleading.’ And it won’t deter a court challenge by ranchers and First Nations.
activists battling Alberta’s coal plan

Singers, ranchers and environmentalists are now battling Kenney’s coal plan

Province’s move to allow coal mines in protected mountains is creating a rising wave of broad-based opposition.