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The oil and gas industry’s radioactive problem: Q&A with Justin Nobel
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
claudia sheinbaum mexican president
Congress moves to enhance mining rights on federal land
Florida's wildlife corridor climate buffer
Credit: Brian Garrett/Flickr

Florida's wildlife corridor holds the key to mitigating climate change and development

A new study reveals that Florida’s Wildlife Corridor, if fully completed, will provide critical protection against climate change impacts while also balancing the state's rapid population growth.

Bill Kearney reports for South Florida Sun Sentinel.

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coastal erosion & flooding vulnerability
Credit: NCDOTcommunications/Flickr

Dolan, Godfrey: Scientists proved Outer Banks are moving

Findings more than 50 years ago by coastal geologist Robert Dolan and husband-and-wife researchers Paul and Melinda Godfrey changed barrier island understanding and led the National Park Service to reverse longstanding policy.
mangrove restoration Mexico

The mangrove grandparents of El Delgadito

For over a decade, Ana María and David have led their community to restore Mexico’s desert mangroves with dedication, experimentation, and plenty of heart.
bamboo homes flood resilience

Bamboo may be the secret ingredient to building a flood-resistant home

A star architect is building swaths of flood-resistant homes out of bamboo. What makes the material so “marvelous”?
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hurricane risk meets booming growth

‘A beautiful place that has a dragon’: Where hurricane risk meets booming growth

The combined threat of climate change and development in risky areas is making it a big challenge to keep coastal Carolina residents safe.
climate adaptation funding shortfall
Oregon State University/FlickrCredit: Moniruzzaman Sazal / Climate Visuals Countdown

Climate adaptation funds woefully inadequate, says UN

Gap in climate adaptation finance up to $366 billion a year leaving the world exposed to severe and more frequent climate change impacts, says UNEP report.
cyclone strengthening has doubled since 1971

Pace of cyclone strengthening has doubled since 1971

A study from Rowan University in New Jersey has drawn a connection between the number of rapidly strengthening tropical Atlantic hurricanes in recent years and documented increases in ocean temperatures.