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The oil and gas industry’s radioactive problem: Q&A with Justin Nobel
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Congress moves to enhance mining rights on federal land
lithium mining

Is Africa's lithium mining boom undermining human rights and environmental health?

The global push for clean energy is intensifying human rights abuses and environmental degradation in African lithium mines, despite promises of economic benefits.

Vernon Loeb reports for Inside Climate News.

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people in boat on river
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Fatima Bhutto: Climate change is the catastrophe to end all other catastrophes

Humanity will endure wildfires, super floods, storms, hurricanes and tsunamis for as long as possible — perhaps not long at all.
florida motel hurricane ian
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One year after Ian, this Florida motel serves as a hurricane safety net

One year after Hurricane Ian, many displaced victims are still without homes, some stuck in makeshift lodgings, such as the El Rancho Motel.
Hurricane heads for state still recovering from 2022 storm
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Hurricane heads for state still recovering from 2022 storm

An "extremely dangerous" Hurricane Idalia is projected to bring lethal flooding and winds to a low-income, poorly insured region of Florida.
maui coast
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Housing on Maui is scarce. Where will fire survivors go?

FEMAʻs recovery effort after the Maui wildfires in Hawaiʻi will be much harder than in the continental U.S.
darfur refugee drought climate
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Failing rains in Darfur foster conflict and displacement

Two decades after the onset of the war in Darfur, an enduring water crisis continues to inflict tension between crop farmers and herders in the embattled territory.

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More children than ever displaced and at risk of violence and exploitation, U.N. warns

A confluence of crises and disasters has driven the number of children currently displaced from their homes to an unprecedented 42 million, and it has left those young people vulnerable to criminal violence and exploitation.