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permafrost melt orange rivers
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
global groundwater depletion
Credit: VectorMine/BigStock Photo ID: 325356871

Europe's groundwater crisis deepens

Europe's groundwater, once considered abundant, is now facing a critical decline in both quality and quantity due to climate change and industrial overexploitation.

Zeynep Sentek, Jelena Prtorić, Sarah Pilz report for Under the Surface.

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plastic pollution plastics treaty
Credit: smithore/Flickr

Opinion: Rethinking plastic production for a healthier future

Delegates meet to reshape the global approach to plastic pollution at the UN treaty talks, highlighting industry influence and warning of greenwashing.

Judith Enck and Pamela Miller write for Fortune.

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El Niño exacerbates southern Africa's severe drought and hunger crisis

El Niño exacerbates southern Africa's severe drought and hunger crisis

As a severe drought, worsened by El Niño, takes hold of southern Africa, an estimated 20 million people face acute hunger due to failing crops and climbing food prices.

Somini Sengupta and Manuela Andreoni report for The New York Times.

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tractor protest

European farmers' protests halt climate policy changes

In a wave of protests, European farmers challenge new climate policies, leading to policy reversals.

Max Graham reports for Grist.

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Inuit app traditional Indigenous knowledge
Credit: Markus Trienke/Flickr

Inuit app SIKU blends traditional knowledge with tech for environmental tracking

An innovative app developed by Inuit communities, SIKU, is redefining the integration of traditional knowledge and scientific data to empower Indigenous groups across the Arctic in environmental monitoring and decision-making.

Hannah Hoag reports for Hakai Magazine.

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AMOC ocean circulation collapse
Credit: Rover_Thor/Flickr

Climate simulation raises alarm over potential ocean circulation collapse

A recent study by René van Westen showcases how melting Arctic freshwater could disrupt the Atlantic Ocean's circulation, potentially leading to abrupt climate changes.

Sarah Kaplan reports for The Washington Post.

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Air pollution' deters moth pollination
Credit: Lisa Murray/Flickr

Air pollution's destructive impact on moth pollination

Car exhaust byproducts are disrupting moth pollination by degrading the floral scents essential for attracting these nocturnal pollinators, according to a new study published in the journal Science.

Lauren Leffer reports for Popular Science.

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