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2023 record-breaking global heat
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Insurance woes increase as climate change impacts profitability
France targets fast fashion's footprint with legislative action

France targets fast fashion's footprint with legislative action

In a bold move to address the environmental and social toll of fast fashion, France's parliament has green-lit legislation aimed at curbing the industry's excesses.

Angela Symons reports for Euronews.

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paris street

Alexander Hurst: Paris is saying ‘non’ to a US-style hellscape of supersized cars – and so should the rest of Europe

From emissions to road deaths, the trend for ever-bigger SUVs is a disaster. We need regulation to turn the car industry back to smaller vehicles.

Roubaix zero waste project
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‘It’s kind of gross but we can do it’: How a community learned to go zero waste

A pioneering city scheme is putting France’s ambitious waste-reduction policies into practice.

empty shopping carts
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In France, zero-waste experiments tackle a tough problem: People's habits

Local initiatives in Roubaix and Nouvelle-Aquitaine try different strategies for waste reduction — and behavior change.
coastal sunset

Drought and mismanagement have left a French island parched. That holds lessons for the mainland

Drop by disappearing drop, water is an ever more precious resource on Mayotte, the poorest place in the European Union.

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Eighty percent of French worried about climate change: Report

Published Wednesday, the "2023 report on the state of France" shows that all age groups share concern about climate change, with no major difference between people aged under 35 years and older people.

uganda pipeline police
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‘Very disturbing’: Crackdown on oil pipeline protests in Uganda concerns UN rights expert

Students in Kampala have been beaten and arrested for marching against a 900-mile pipeline co-owned by a French company.