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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Hurricane Beryl highlights vulnerabilities in Houston's infrastructure
Trump denies knowing about Project 2025 crafted by his former officials
Tree-planting projects abound. Which should you support?

Tree-planting projects abound. Which should you support?

So you want to contribute to a mass tree planting campaign to combat climate change. Where can your money do the most good?

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COP15: Ivory Coast hosts desertification talks

The COP15 conference is meeting to address issues of land degradation, advancing deserts and deforestation. Experts and activists hope that this will not be just another high-level conference with no concrete results.
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Hundreds of Iraqis hospitalised as thick sandstorm blankets country

Iraq is prone to seasonal sandstorms, a type of dust storm in desert areas, but experts and officials are raising alarm over their frequency in recent years, which they say is exacerbated by record-low rainfall, desertification and climate change.

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Jordan: How one of the most water-scarce nations tackles desertification

In Jordan, one of the world's driest nations, local organizations are planting native species and working with herders to revitalize once fertile land. A U.N. report out Wednesday warns urgent action is needed worldwide to prevent further land degradation.
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Here's how to reverse Africa's land degradation

From South Africa, where unprecedented floods this month washed away farmland, to the excessive logging of Kenya's mountain forests, Africa is fast losing healthy land, putting millions of people at risk of hunger and losing their homes and incomes.

The worst dust storm in a decade shrouds Beijing and northern China

The worst dust storm in a decade shrouds Beijing and northern China

The Communist Party has made great strides in reducing China’s pollution, but a perfect storm of northern winds and an industrial rebound has created dangerously high levels of pollution countrywide.
Un addresses interlinked environmental emergencies

′Making Peace With Nature′

A new UN blueprint offers an integrated 'peace plan' to tackle three interlinked environmental emergencies — the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and pollution — that cannot be solved in isolation.