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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
fashion industry’s plastic waste
Antarctic Commission pursues largest ever-conservation action

Antarctic Commission pursues largest conservation action ever taken

Only 5% of Antarctica’s Southern Ocean is protected. A new proposal could quadruple these protections, but only if China and Russia get on board.
Indigenous guardian programs & wildlife monitors

10 Indigenous guardian programs, including Yukon’s Kluane First Nation’s, get federal funding

Kluane’s wildlife monitors will be the eyes of the nation on their traditional territory, watching for impacts of climate change and activities that harm the environment
Footprints of extraction

Footprints of extraction

The Svalbard Archipelago was uninhabited until humans came searching for resources. A historian follows their tracks.

Carl Safina: Keeping hope alive in a world of extinctions

Carl Safina: Keeping hope alive in a world of extinctions

The litany of lost species can be overwhelming, but as the recovery of species from bald eagles to humpback whales shows, our actions do matter.