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greenhouse gas emissions reductions
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Environmental impacts are worsening global human rights, says report
Former EPA head predicts swift end to Biden’s climate policies under a new Trump administration
willow project alaska economics

The dubious economic calculus behind the Willow Project

The Willow Project is supposed to secure energy independence and Alaskan prosperity. It probably won’t achieve either.
climate security sea level rise canada

Climate change threatens Canadian security, prosperity, warns stark spy agency brief

Canada's spy service warns that climate change poses a profound, ongoing threat to national security and prosperity, including the possible loss of parts of British Columbia and the Atlantic provinces to rising sea levels.
bangladesh climate impacts politics

How realistic is Bangladesh′s climate prosperity plan?

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has criticized wealthy countries for their "empty pledges" on fighting the impacts of climate change. Instead, Bangladesh has come up with its own zero-carbon-future plan.
climate chaos finance
Photo by Lyndsay Abel on Unsplash

Climate finance is failing communities most at risk from warming

The year 2020 will be remembered as a dreadful time in human history. The COVID19 pandemic has wreaked havoc, decimating lives, livelihoods and global prosperity. But as terrible as this year is, there is another global crisis screaming for our attention, one that will dwarf the catastrophic impacts of the pandemic. We are, of course, talking about climate chaos.

north dakota prosperity oil bust

Hope outlasts prosperity in town flattened by oil bust

Since March, oil companies have shut in 7,500 wells across North Dakota and all but ceased new drilling. The crash is rippling across once-boom towns where residents can no longer depend on industry jobs, government services or health insurance.

Can we have prosperity without growth?

Can we have prosperity without growth?

The critique of economic growth, once a fringe position, is gaining widespread attention in the face of the climate crisis.