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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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litigation disrupts Everglades alliance in Florida

Court drama disrupts a key environmental alliance in Florida

A legal battle between the Everglades Foundation and a former scientist has sparked controversy, highlighting a clash over environmental policy and personal integrity.

Robin Bravender reports for Politico.

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Haley debates DeSantis Iowa ethanol

Haley attacks DeSantis over ethanol at biofuels summit

Nikki Haley criticized Ron DeSantis' attempts to end a federal ethanol mandate that DeSantis said he now supports.
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Haley, DeSantis clash over drilling at GOP debate

“He was praised by the Sierra Club," former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said, taking a swipe at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.
Florida lax environmental enforcement

DeSantis, Florida environmental protection agency attacked by watchdog

The nonprofit Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility has again criticized what it calls Florida's lax environmental enforcement.
DeSantis rejects climate funding
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DeSantis rejected $350 million in climate funding before Hurricane Idalia

The Florida governor rejected millions in climate funding. Now his state is suffering from a storm fueled by climate change.
Florida ignoring EPA climate rules

Amid record heat, Florida agencies give EPA climate change rules a cold shoulder

Meanwhile, Education Department OK’s videos telling kids climate change is no big deal.