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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Biden announces $1.7 billion to support US EV factories
Tribes and conservationists work to save spearfishing from climate change
Paris car-free future
Credit: Pierre Blaché/Flickr

Paris showcases a car-free future during the Olympics

Paris is showcasing a dramatic reduction in car reliance, resulting in significantly improved air quality, as it prepares for the 2024 Olympics.

Mike Gagliardi reports for NBC News.

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Colorado transportation planning

Colorado shifts focus from highways to transit

Colorado is prioritizing transit over highway expansion to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a move that also has environmental justice implications.

Megan Kimble reports for The New York Times.

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EV transition reduces childhood asthma
Credit: skhunda/BigStock Photos ID: 83998772

The switch to electric vehicles is a breath of fresh air for children near highways

A new study highlights the potential for electric vehicles (EVs) to significantly reduce childhood asthma attacks and other health issues caused by exhaust exposure, particularly in low-income, urban areas.

Katie Myers reports for Grist.

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highway expansion climate concerns
Credit: Storm Crypt/Flickr

Rethinking highway expansion in the face of climate concerns

As the U.S. grapples with climate change, activists are challenging the traditional expansion of highways, highlighting the environmental and community impacts.

Shannon Osaka reports for The Washington Post.

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COVID-19 lockdowns air quality
Credit: kaysgeog/Flickr

Lockdowns lead to a significant drop in asthma emergencies due to cleaner air

A study from Oxford reveals a notable decrease in asthma-related hospital admissions in 2020, linking it to the reduction of air pollution amid COVID-19 lockdowns.

Gary Fuller reports for The Guardian.

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Air pollution' deters moth pollination
Credit: Lisa Murray/Flickr

Air pollution's destructive impact on moth pollination

Car exhaust byproducts are disrupting moth pollination by degrading the floral scents essential for attracting these nocturnal pollinators, according to a new study published in the journal Science.

Lauren Leffer reports for Popular Science.

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Electrified transport investment soared globally
Credit: hans-johnson/Flickr

Electrified transport investment soared globally in ’23, passing renewable energy

China spent much more than any other nation on the energy transition last year, but spent less overall than it did in 2022.