Peter Dykstra and Host Bobby Bascomb discuss the extra hardships that the Gullah and Geechee people, who are descended from slaves and live off the coast of South Carolina, face in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Then, they note the dangers of an alternative to BPA and take a look at how the removals of major hydroelectric dams can help struggling fish populations recover.

California Gov. Jerry Brown's suggestion that his nation have its own environmental satellite was a reminder of how he first earned the "Moonbeam" nickname. The contrast of the moment - talking climate change in a city awash in human filth - a reminder of the nation-state's many contradictions.

Peter Dykstra and Host Steve Curwood discuss why climate change may be linked to tsunamis, and they also look at the "research whaling" claims that allow the commercial killing of whales in Japan. The two then recount some of the deadliest hurricanes in modern US history.

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