Global heating is now setting the parameters of political debate.

America usually tries to be a global leader on policy – so why, when it comes to climate, do Republicans suddenly want to follow China?

Biden has kick-started a new era of climate-centred geopolitics but it is not without risk, especially on his domestic front.

We talk about hurricanes and droughts when describing the threats from climate change, but solutions to limit dirty emissions also have a big effect on our health, because they result in much cleaner air.

The great work of safeguarding the planet in this time of climate disruption has to be approached on many levels — individually, collectively and with the full might of government.

Climate change has been knocking on our door for the better part of four decades and the margin for error is closing fast. We must prepare - equitably, decisively and with great urgency.

The AltEn Ethanol plant should remain shuttered, as the damaged lagoons are only the tip of the iceberg of potential environmental destruction created by the plant's use of pesticide-treated seed corn to make ethanol.

A $33 billion proposal from U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson is the right plan at the right time — before it’s too late, writes the editorial board.

The transformation of the US government's stance on the environment is hugely significant. Now the global green recovery must start.

As Joe Biden’s administration gets underway, reviving American ingenuity should be among his top priorities.
Los Alamos National Laboratory is helping lead the charge, along with four Department of Energy research laboratories and four universities.
President Donald Trump’s appointees took their final shots at staving off future climate action this week, even as his presidency careered to an inglorious end with a second impeachment. Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday finalized a surprise measure to bar future greenhouse gas regulation at oil refineries, manufacturing plants or other facilities beyond coal-fired […]

Climate change is costing Canadians a fortune and experts say it's going to get worse.

The world is out of time. Climate can’t be a priority. It must be the priority.

Demolition is an easier task than construction. Mr Biden will undo some of the worst aspects of the last four years, but he cannot erase them from the record.

Experience shows that the U.S. economy has adjusted to most environmental regulations, that clean power is already becoming more economical and that fossil fuels at the least should not be subsidized by the federal government.

Whether they are committed carnivores or vigorous vegans, consumers need to be encouraged to read the ingredients on packs to understand what they are eating and how their food has arrived on their plate. This is about nutrition, not politics.

If wildfires, floods and melting glaciers carry any message, it's that time is running out in the battle against climate change. Biden would do something about it. Trump is making things worse.

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