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Elon Musk to offer $100 million prize for 'best' carbon capture tech

Elon Musk to offer $100 million prize for 'best' carbon capture tech

Tesla Inc chief and billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk on Thursday took to Twitter to promise a $100 million prize for development of the "best" technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions.
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Facing green push on farm, fertilizer makers look to sea for growth

Two of the world's biggest fertilizer producers, CF Industries Holdings Inc and Yara International Asa, are seeking to cash in on the green energy transition by reconfiguring ammonia plants in the United States and Norway to produce clean energy to power ships.
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Trump administration cuts size of Arctic land offered for oil auction

In a last-minute change, the Trump administration cut about 30 percent of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge territory that it plans to auction off for oil exploration.