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Indigenous Roraima communities sustainable solutions

In Roraima, Indigenous communities forge sustainable solutions amid threats

Sustainable farming, mercury-free fishing and circular trade are among the strategies Amazon Indigenous peoples have been developing to survive in one of the most hostile states for Indigenous people in Brazil.
endangered rainforest agroforestry chocolate

Can agroforestry chocolate help save the world’s most endangered rainforest?

Ecuador’s Jama-Coaque Reserve, home to a vibrant cloud forest ecosystem, is part of what may be world’s most endangered tropical forest, of which only 2.23% remains.

carbon harvest agroforestry

Can agroforestry breathe new life into carbon markets?

Most carbon offset programs aimed at farmers focus on large monocrop corn and soy operations. But in Southern Appalachia, Carbon Harvest is developing an alternative market for small farms that integrate trees.
Lebanese agroecology for farmer autonomy

One seed at a time: Lebanese project promotes agroecology for farmer autonomy

SAADNAYEL, Lebanon – Located in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley, a region that has been farmed for millennia, a small experimental farm known as Buzuruna Juzuruna (BuJu) is establishing an agroecological network across the country, as well as setting up an heirloom seed cooperative to promote resilience and sovereignty within communities, near and far. “The biggest success […]
agroforestry food system climate

Can agroforestry save the food system?

Farming with trees is getting an unprecedented amount of funding, boosting practices that can pull carbon out of the atmosphere and build farm resilience.
peace farmers of Colombia
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From scarcity to abundance: The secret of the ‘peace farmers’ of Colombia

Farmer and agronomist Roberto Rodríguez first taught the farmers of Lejanías they weren’t poor. Once they learned this critical lesson, they relied on themselves, their neighbors and nature to thrive sustainably.
urban food forests & agroforestry
U.S. Department of Agricu/Flickr/Public Domain

Food forests can bring climate resilience, better health, and tasty produce to city residents

Having an abundance of locally-sourced foods in the community minimizes emissions and can boost public health.