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Indian politicians avoid climate
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
London mayor to intensify climate policies despite opposition
Venezuela's last glacier disappears, marking an environmental milestone
John T. Preston, Dennis Bushnell and Anthony Michaels: Iron dust could reverse the course of climate change

John T. Preston, Dennis Bushnell and Anthony Michaels: Iron dust could reverse the course of climate change

As crazy as it might sound, geoengineering the oceans by adding iron — in effect, fertilizing them — may offer the best, most effective and most affordable way not just to slow the march of global warming but to reverse its course by directly drawing carbon out of the atmosphere.

wind turbines on hills

Energy tax credits, meant to help U.S. suppliers, may be hard to get

The Inflation Reduction Act contains tax breaks for solar and wind companies to buy American equipment. Qualifying won’t be easy.
Paul Krugman opinion Biden's successful IRA
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Paul Krugman: Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is a huge, expensive, controversial success

How to think about green industrial policy.

power grid & renewable revolution
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We desperately need a new power grid. Here’s how to make it happen.

To make renewable energy widely available, the United States needs a lot of new power lines. The nation is struggling to build them.
climate tax breaks popularity drives costs
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Biden’s climate tax breaks are popular, driving up law’s cost

A law to boost clean energy appears to be more potent than predicted, with big implications for both budget talks and efforts to fight climate change.
Henrik Stiesdal wind turbine design
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Danish wind pioneer keeps battling climate change

Henrik Stiesdal helped design the first modern wind turbines. A thousand patents later, he’s a green tech entrepreneur rolling out new innovations.
hydropower boom in pumped storage
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A new hydropower boom uses pumped storage, not giant dams

So-called pumped storage, rather than conventional dams, is emerging as the future of deriving electricity from water's gravitational qualities.