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Australia not prepared for how Antarctic ice changes will pummel economy, scientist warns

A leading Antarctic scientist has urged the Albanese government to pay closer attention to abrupt changes under way in the southern continent, warning they will affect Australians in ways that are little understood and research into them is drastically underfunded.

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Emperor penguin breeding failure linked with Antarctic sea ice decline

Other Antarctic seabird colonies have also suffered steep population declines as researchers warn that global warming will take a toll on many ice-dependent species in coming decades.

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No quick fix to reverse Antarctic sea ice loss as warming intensifies, scientists say

Sea ice in the Antarctic region has fallen to a record low this year as a result of rising global temperatures and there is no quick fix to reverse the damage done, scientists said on Tuesday in a new study of the impact of climate change on the continent.
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Small but mighty: Why Antarctic krill are worth fighting for

If you love penguins, whales and a livable climate, then it might be time to stand up for Antarctic krill.

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Antarctic tourism is booming – but can the continent cope?

In tourist hotspots cruise ships must at times queue to disembark passengers and fragile ecosystems may be at risk from visitors. But who gets to decide on who can come?
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Interactive: How melting ice due to climate change is having surprising global effects

The planet’s massive ice sheets are melting as temperatures rise. Scientists are finding that melt is having surprising and far-reaching effects.

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Climate change: Norwegian seafloor holds clue to Antarctic melting

Antarctica's melting ice sheet could retreat much faster than previously thought, new research suggests. The evidence comes from markings on the seafloor off Norway that record the pull-back of a melting European ice sheet thousands of years ago.