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Greens unveil $19bn plan to subsidise coal workers to transition away from fossil fuel jobs

The Greens have proposed a $19bn plan to diversify fossil fuel-reliant towns and subsidise the wages of coal workers who transition into new jobs, saying employees can stay in mining but should seek employment in critical minerals or green metals.

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WA’s offshore gasfields pay almost no royalties and stoke carbon emissions, report finds

Australia’s giant offshore gasfields are paying almost no royalties, create few jobs and are a large and rising source of greenhouse gases, according to a new report from the Australia Institute.

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Australia warned climate crisis will ‘wreak havoc’ on economy if coal isn’t phased out

A senior UN official has warned the climate crisis will "wreak havoc" across the Australian economy if coal is not rapidly phased out, and joined those explicitly calling for the Morrison government to adopt more ambitious emissions reduction goals.

Three key predictions for Australia’s future: Highlights from the intergenerational report

Three key predictions for Australia’s future: Highlights from the intergenerational report

Country will have to contend with climate change, an aging population and a smaller population in 2060-61.

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Australia’s big banks reject Nationals’ claims managing climate risk is ‘virtue signalling’

Australia's big banks have declared they need to actively manage climate risk because governments and regulators require it, and because the investor community is "increasingly transitioning its focus towards a net-zero emissions economy".

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Coalition government spent just 16 cents on climate crisis out of every $100, analysis shows

The proportion of Australian federal budget spending on environment and climate programs has fallen by nearly a third since the Coalition was elected eight years ago, according to a new conservation group analysis.

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Climate crisis bigger concern than pandemic for Australian businesses, survey finds

Australian bosses say the climate crisis is the biggest challenge facing their businesses – in contrast to their overseas counterparts, who have ranked recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic their top concern.