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Poll shows strong voter support for suing oil companies over climate impact
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Trump vows to dismantle Biden’s electric vehicle policies
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Biden offshore drilling rules

Biden's new offshore ally: Oil majors

Critics say the Interior Department’s proposed drilling rules could drive more companies to bankruptcy.
coal mine reclamation backlog

Lawmakers want answers on damage and costs linked to idled ‘zombie’ coal mines

Sen. John Fetterman, the Pennsylvania Democrat, joins a call for a national GAO investigation into a problem that could fall to taxpayers to solve.

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How bankruptcy helps coal industry avoid environmental liability

Jeff Hoops built Blackjewel into the nation’s sixth largest coal company by acquiring bankrupt mines. When it declared bankruptcy, he pivoted to other ventures, leaving polluted streams and mud-shrouded roads in his wake.
Orphaned & inactive oil wells
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Orphaned oil wells are one problem; inactive wells are potentially much bigger

Crews plugged 100 orphaned oil wells last week, but even that rapid pace isn't enough to keep up with the problem in Louisiana.
David Ko snd Richard Busellato : Climate change will bankrupt us before it drowns us

David Ko snd Richard Busellato : Climate change will bankrupt us before it drowns us

In addition to war in Ukraine and fiscal policy, climate change plays a behind-the-scenes role in the inflation and the cost-of-living crises.
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looming liability for oil & gas environmental cleanup
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Shell and ExxonMobil are selling 23,000 oil wells in California

Shell and ExxonMobil are selling their California wells despite oil selling at high prices. Experts say one reason is looming liability for environmental cleanup.
failed coal mine threatens WA electricity grid

Failed Griffin Coal mine owes close to $1.5 billion to creditors as WA electricity grid woes loom

The failed coal mine in Collie, 200km south of Perth, owes close to $1.5 billion to creditors, with the banks urged to "come clean" on their losses to avoid a potential disaster in WA’s biggest electricity grid.