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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Tesla's turbulent shift: Can Musk power through the transition?

Tesla's turbulent shift: Can Musk power through the transition?

A recent analysis indicates Tesla, renowned for its electric vehicles, may be shifting focus from car manufacturing to becoming a key player in energy storage and electricity supply.

Matteo Wong reports for The Atlantic.

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Biden’s paradox: Can a green grid coexist with industrial surge?

Utilities are planning record investments in renewable energy and battery storage. But an increasing number are also proposing thousands of megawatts of new natural-gas-fired generation that works against their plans to achieve net-zero goals.

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An EV slowdown? Battery makers are cool with that

The news that big auto companies like General Motors and Ford Motor are slowing their electric vehicle rollouts has one group a bit relieved: battery-makers.

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Xcel gets $70 million for Colorado clean energy storage

The U.S. Department of Energy granted $70 million to Xcel Energy to help build clean energy storage batteries in Colorado and Minnesota, cementing the financing for groundbreaking technologies the state’s largest utility needs.
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This start-up is storing clean energy in sand. Here’s how

A cadre of start-ups are building batteries that can store renewable energy in natural materials such as sand, salt and rock.
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A renewable energy battery plant will rise in US where a steel mill once stood

Communities hope good new jobs will come from Biden’s historic climate investment in cities like Weirton, West Virginia, reports Dharna Noor in The Guardian.

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G.M. will add backup power function to its electric vehicles

As extreme weather events lead to more power outages, the carmaker said it would equip all its electric vehicles to act as sources of emergency power.