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New Delhi air pollution

New Delhi air pollution: Why can’t India’s capital clean up its toxic air like Beijing?

More than 20 million people woke last week to a thick, acrid, and noxious smog that settled densely across the Indian capital.

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US envoy John Kerry tells China to separate climate from politics

Climate change is a "universal threat" that should be handled separately from broader diplomatic issues, U.S. climate envoy John Kerry told Chinese Vice-President Han Zheng on Wednesday after two days of what he called constructive but complex talks.

Beijing is tackling its air pollution problem. Why can't New Delhi?

Beijing is tackling its air pollution problem. Why can't New Delhi?

The return of smog season in India’s capital has again left residents asking why nothing has changed. The answer may be largely political.
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COVID-19 lockdowns in China had little effect on air quality, research shows

Chinese researchers say they have found that big changes in travel patterns due to COVID-19 restrictions appeared to have little effect on urban air pollution, or in some case even worsened it, according to a new study.

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Dead heat by 2050: Massive North China area to be hotspot for killer mix of heatwaves and surface ozone, study finds

China’s capital city Beijing and its neighbouring provinces could face 15 extra days of extreme heat and ozone pollution annually by 2050, a new study has warned.

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China vows new incentives to cut pollution, CO2, but says 'stability' paramount

China will introduce new incentives to cut pollution and carbon emissions this year, but flexibility and stability remain the country's top priorities as economic pressures mount.

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How to clear the air in the most polluted cities on Earth

While the 2008 Olympic Games were marked by some of the worst air quality in Olympic history, China’s “war against pollution” has advanced so much since that Olympians this month could glimpse the previously smog-enshrouded mountains surrounding the city.