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On the streets of Berlin, bicycles have enriched city life — and stoked backlash

Plenty of large cities have taken steps to encourage people to get out of their cars and shift to walking, biking or using mass transit.

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Germany sets the new standard for cheap, national mass transit

Germany will start one of the most affordable public transit offers anywhere in the world on Monday, setting a new benchmark to encourage consumers to ditch their cars and putting pressure on Berlin to make the shift work.
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Climate protesters try to bring Berlin traffic to a halt

German climate activists temporarily brought traffic to a standstill in some parts of Berlin on Monday by gluing themselves to streets all over the capital.

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Berlin climate neutrality by 2030 plan is rejected by voters

Berlin voters balked at a plan to make the German capital climate-neutral by law by 2030, which would have put it 15 years ahead of Germany’s national target.
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Berlin votes on tighter climate goals in test of Germans commitment to change

Berlin voted on making the city climate neutral by 2030, in a binding referendum that will force the new conservative local government to invest heavily in renewable energy, building efficiency and public transportation.

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German CO2 cuts stall as coal, oil use cancel out renewable gains

In a pivot away from Russian gas, Germany cut energy consumption to its lowest level since the Berlin Wall fell - but increased coal burning.

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Berlin's new parking rules set up showdown between bikes and cars

In an effort to clear cluttered sidewalks, new city regulations will raise parking fees for drivers while allowing bicycles and scooters to claim street spaces for free.