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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Preserving the Owyhee Canyonlands
Credit: Wild & Scenic Rivers/Flickr

Preserving the Owyhee Canyonlands: the push for monument status

Local advocates are urging President Biden to create new national monuments in order to meet his administration's conservation goals, but the push has encountered resistance from some locals in the region.

Wyatt Myskow reports for Inside Climate News.

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Florida's wildlife corridor climate buffer
Credit: Brian Garrett/Flickr

Florida's wildlife corridor holds the key to mitigating climate change and development

A new study reveals that Florida’s Wildlife Corridor, if fully completed, will provide critical protection against climate change impacts while also balancing the state's rapid population growth.

Bill Kearney reports for South Florida Sun Sentinel.

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2024 Goldman Environmental Prize
Credit: Pugun and Photo/BigStockPhoto ID: 168502379

Meet the champions of the 2024 Goldman Environmental Prize​

The Goldman Environmental Prize celebrates its 35th year by recognizing seven environmental leaders who have made significant impacts in their regions.

Liz Kimbrough reports for Mongabay.

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recovering america's wildlife act (rawa)
Credit: Lynn Friedman/Flickr

A renewed push for the Recovering America's Wildlife Act faces competition

The outcome of these legislative efforts is crucial for ensuring the protection and recovery of thousands of at-risk species across the U.S.

Erin X. Wong reports for High Country News.

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species decline and adaptations
Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife/Flickr

Altering species to safeguard them

In a bid to save endangered wildlife, scientists explore "assisted evolution" techniques, challenging traditional conservation methods.

Emily Anthes reports for The New York Times.

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bighorn sheep protections & pathogens
Credit: Adam Baker/Flickr

This B.C. bighorn sheep herd’s fight for survival

Between a mysterious illness, dangerous weather and vanishing habitat, a herd of bighorn sheep almost disappeared from Tobacco Plains Indian Band’s backyard. To bring them back means returning the land to how it looked generations ago.

Maasai women land stewardship
Credit: Danielle Brigida/Flickr

‘We said, there must be ladies’: the pioneering Maasai women ending all-male leadership of the land

In one Kenyan reserve, women are taking up roles that give them a say in community life and protecting the land they depend on – inspiring a new generation to follow in their footsteps.