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Anxiety, mood swings and sleepless nights: Life near a bitcoin mine

Pushed by an advocacy group, Arkansas became the first state to shield noisy cryptocurrency operators from unhappy neighbors. A furious backlash has some lawmakers considering a statewide ban.
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White House proposes 30 percent tax on electricity used for crypto mining

The Biden administration wants to impose a 30 percent tax on the electricity used by cryptocurrency mining operations, and it has included the proposal in its budget for the fiscal year of 2024.

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Violation at a Pennsylvania drilling site raises questions about lack of Bitcoin regulation

A gas and oil company mining for cryptocurrency in Elk County, Pennsylvania, was found to be in violation of state regulations when it installed equipment before getting approval from the state Department of Environmental Protection, but the company says it is following the rules.

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Crypto is mostly over. Its carbon emissions are not.

The environmental toll of Bitcoin could be even higher this year than last.
Mining for Bitcoin in Alberta's oilsands
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Mining for Bitcoin in Alberta's oilsands

MAGA Energy has said its facilities will be environmentally friendly. The local county has warned the company’s plans will increase emissions.

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The EPA asks a Bitcoin 'mining' operation in Clearfield County for information

A natural gas company in Clearfield County that had been "mining" for Bitcoin at several sites has stopped doing so for now, but operations at the site had already led to an information request from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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For a rural Pennsylvania area, a cryptocurrency mine brought noise pollution

Bitcoin may seem like something out of Silicon Valley, but sometimes it comes from the rural woods of Pennsylvania, and when it does, it makes noise. Some residents near a natural gas site being used for cryptocurrency mining have found that out and want it to change.