california climate impacts

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Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

Majority of Californians fear worsening weather swings due to climate change, poll finds

As California continues to experience swings from one weather extreme to another, a majority of residents say they are increasingly concerned about the state's changing climate, and some worry that weather impacts could force them to move in the future.

california climate impacts

Climate change is here. It’s time Californians stopped clinging to the past

As the planet continues to heat up, the state’s landscapes, watersheds and weather are shifting so fast it can be difficult to keep track.

california climate impacts

Climate change accelerating in California

The impacts of a warming world are hitting California faster and with greater intensity than previously expected. Some have become irreversible.
climate impacts wildfires california
Photo by luke flynt on Unsplash

Californians fleeing wildfires are talking about climate change like never before

California continues to burn, and it's hard to focus on much else.