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Federal government issues new guidelines to improve carbon offsets

Federal government issues new guidelines to improve carbon offsets

The Biden administration introduced new guidelines to enhance the credibility of carbon offsets, which have been criticized for not effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Brad Plumer reports for The New York Times.

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Fixing the flawed carbon offset market with a new approach to coal plant shutdowns
Credit: catazul/Pixabay

Fixing the flawed carbon offset market with a new approach to coal plant shutdowns

Amid growing scrutiny over the effectiveness of carbon offsets, a major philanthropic organization announces a groundbreaking plan to authenticate their impact by phasing out coal plants in Asia.

Evan Halper reports for The Washington Post.

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cast iron cooking

Study reveals exaggerated climate impact claims in popular cookstove carbon offset projects

A recent study has uncovered that cookstove carbon offset schemes, a growing trend in environmental initiatives, may be overstating their climate benefits by a staggering 1,000%.

Patrick Greenfield reports for The Guardian.

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Image by Rinku Jareda from Pixabay

Cookstove carbon offsets overstate climate benefit by 1,000%, study finds

Clean cookstove projects, one of the most popular types of carbon-offset schemes, are probably overstating their beneficial impact on the climate by an average of 1,000%, according to a new study.

Juneau, Alaska carbon offset
Credit: Gary Bembridge/Flickr

In Juneau, Alaska, a carbon offset project that's actually working

Visiting Alaska is an emissions-heavy prospect. An innovative program has tourists ease that by helping buy heat pumps for locals.
amazonas indigenous land grabbing
Credit: Francisco Chaves/Flickr

Company sells Indigenous land in Amazonas as NFTs without community’s knowledge

Areas of the Apurinã territory in the Lower Seruini area, in southern Amazonas state, were sold by Nemus under an NFT project that promises to preserve the forest and generate carbon credits.
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Amazon carbon emissions offsets

“Carbon Cowboys” chasing emissions offsets in the Amazon keep forest-dwelling communities in the dark

Indigenous and traditional groups in the forest are rarely consulted about carbon credit projects they see as the latest gold rush on their lands, and question the community and climate benefits the projects promise.