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‘Our world hangs by a thread’: Indigenous activist asks US agri giant to stop destroying Amazon rainforest

A21-year-old Indigenous activist from a remote Amazonian village will hand deliver a letter to the Cargill-MacMillan dynasty in Minneapolis on Thursday, calling on the billionaire owners of America’s biggest private company to stop destroying the Amazon rainforest and its people.

Agribusiness giant Cargill deforestation

Agribusiness giant Cargill is in activists’ crosshairs for its connections to deforestation in Bolivia

A new report finds that the grain-trading behemoth has purchased soy grown on recently deforested land. Cargill responded that the purchases came from land cleared earlier, and says it investigates all allegations.

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Activist group ‘names and shames’ Cargill and its heirs to keep deforestation promises alleges that Cargill, the nation’s largest privately-held company and the world’s largest agribusiness company, has failed to keep pledges on eliminating deforestation from its supply chains.

Insect farms are scaling up—and crossing the Atlantic—in a play for sustainable protein

Insect farms are scaling up—and crossing the Atlantic—in a play for sustainable protein

Black soldier flies convert food waste into feed for pets, aquaculture, and livestock. But as agribusiness giants partner with European companies, concerns about high energy use hover over the fast-developing insect production industry.
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What is regenerative agriculture and is it legitimate?

To lower emissions, companies from Stonyfield Farms to Pepsi to Cargill are investing big money to change how farmers treat their soil. Can it succeed—or is it just an excuse to prevent more radical changes?
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Companies’ climate promises face a wild card: Farmers

A Republican who advised former President Donald J. Trump on agricultural issues, Mr. Gaesser is also a vocal proponent of climate-friendly farming methods and uses several across the 5,400 acres he farms with his son. But he does not believe that farmers should foot the bill for overhauling decades-long practices.