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GM’s Electric Vehicles Will Use Tesla’s Charging Network

GM’s electric vehicles will use Tesla’s charging network

The electric car company, which operates the country’s most extensive charging network, struck a similar deal with Ford Motor recently.
Black Economic Council of Massachusetts

Black-owned businesses seek on-ramp to EV industry

The Black Economic Council of Massachusetts has held three events to highlight opportunities for Black-owned companies to grow their business by installing or servicing electric vehicle chargers, reselling equipment, and offering charging services.

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Charging electric cars at public fast charging stations can be tricky

Electric car owners are finding out how hard it can be to charge EVs at public charging stations.
Electric vehicles cost effectiveness

Electric vehicles are still too expensive for some budgets, but are they worth it in the long run?

When Robyn Everist saw the petrol prices skyrocketing, she knew it was time to put a long-laid plan to purchase an electrical vehicle into action. Is an EV the way to go for you, too?
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Pennsylvania survey seeks input on location of electric vehicle charging stations

PennDOT, which will have more than $171.5 million to spend on electric vehicle charging stations over the next five years, also wants to know what amenities want around the stations.

electric vehicles and the future of gas stations
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Will electric vehicles kill off gas stations? Fuel companies prepare for an uncertain future

Experts warn that gas stations' days could be numbered as more drivers turn to electric vehicles ahead of a deadline for halting sales of new gas cars. But analysts say companies could boost their chances of survival by providing better snacks, automated checkouts and EV chargers.
Who will build California's electric vehicle charging stations and why it matters

Who will build California's electric vehicle charging stations and why it matters

Labor and environmentalists seek skill standards to ensure safety, high road jobs.