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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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U.S. Department of Agriculture/Flickr/USDA photo by Christophe PaulPublic Domain

Democrats’ clean-energy tax credits are popular — and expensive

They're projected to cost the government more than double original estimates.
Granholm 'bullish' on Congress passing clean energy tax credits

Granholm 'bullish' on Congress passing clean energy tax credits

The clean energy tax credits were included in Democrats' broad budget reconciliation package that collapsed in the Senate last year.
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​​​​​​​Biden’s biggest idea on climate change is remarkably cheap

A new analysis from researchers at the University of Chicago and the Rhodium Group, an energy-research firm, finds that one of President Joe Biden’s marquee energy proposals—the one of the most likely to make it through Congress—has a good chance of working.

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Leah C. Stokes: Congress must pass a better climate bill

I've never seen a summer like the one we're experiencing now. If Congress spends too little, or passes only the bipartisan infrastructure package, we will continue to head in the wrong direction, and there will be worse summers ahead.