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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Bill Schubart: Is this a January thaw or an apocalyptic warning?

Bill Schubart: Is this a January thaw or an apocalyptic warning?

It's past time to reconsider our relationship with our earthly home. We have a model to emulate — the historical relationship that Indigenous peoples had with their lands.
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Why aren't more people swapping meat & dairy for plant-based alternatives?

Higher beef prices are becoming a reality for meat eaters in the US as ranchers are reducing their cattle herds due to drought and lofty feed costs. Can plant-based substitutes take the place of a juicy beef burger?

SOUTH AFRICA coal energy climate

Coal industry is 'delusional', South Africa climate change official says

The executive director of South Africa's Presidential Commission on Climate Change called the country's coal industry "delusional" on Wednesday, saying the market for the fossil fuel is going to dwindle rapidly in the next decade.
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The secret behind ecological developments that meet new sustainable tourism standards

Have you considered how your next ecological development will incorporate the sustainable use of water, a local wastewater treatment plant, solar panels, electric internal transportation and more?
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Climate change: The global climate crisis is also a health crisis

Without effective climate action, more than 100 million people could be forced back into poverty by 2030, according to estimates from the World Bank.

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Conventional oil and gas industry sues to be excluded from Pennsylvania methane rule

Three trade groups for Pennsylvania's conventional oil and gas industry are suing state environmental regulators to block a forthcoming rule for controlling methane and other air pollution from applying to their well sites.