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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Good health depends on a stable climate. This fellowship teaches health professionals how to advocate for both

A training program led by Harvard offers community organizing skills to clinicians interested in climate action.
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Amy Martin: Meeting the 1.5°C climate goal will save millions of people, and it's still feasible

People already suffering from climate change are beseeching world leaders to hold global temperature rise to 1.5°C, even if we surpass that threshold temporarily.

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Climate change is driving a global youth revolution

Climate change is shaping a mindset revolution – powerfully driving innovation and progress. And young people are leading the transformation.
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‘Hope has to be a strategy’: the scientist who refused to let the climate warmongers win

As one of Australia’s most influential voices on climate, Lesley Hughes has thought deeply about how to talk about the crisis and says hope has a key role to play.

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What does Taylor Swift owe the planet?

A concertgoer's death amid extreme heat fueled by the climate crisis is sparking new questions about the superstar's responsibility to protect her fans.
Opinion: I’m a climate scientist. I'm not screaming into the void anymore
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Opinion: I’m a climate scientist. I'm not screaming into the void anymore

Something has changed in the United States, and not just the climate.
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Emissions should be plummeting. Instead, they're breaking dangerous records

Ahead of COP28, a scathing new UN report warns that the world is barreling toward an avoidable catastrophe. It’s a plea for world leaders to step up their ambition.