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India experiences extreme heatwave with record-breaking temperatures
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Tropical trees’ growth and CO2 intake hit by more extreme dry seasons

A new study has found that dry seasons that are warmer and drier than usual can stunt the growth of tropical trees, causing them to take in less carbon dioxide.

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Climate change threatens to squeeze out Indonesia’s medicinal plants

More than half of medicinal plant species in Indonesia won't be able to grow in most of their current range by 2050 due to climate change, a new study says.

In Madagascar, endangered lemurs find a private refuge

In Madagascar, endangered lemurs find a private refuge

Climate change is shifting the habitats of endangered species and requiring conservation scientists to think outside traditional park boundaries.
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Climate change could put tropical plant germination at risk: Study

By 2070, rising soil temperatures could cause germination failure in 20% of tropical plants, and reduced rates in more than 50%, with the potential to disrupt and alter tropical ecosystems.
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Forests are a solution to global warming. They’re also vulnerable to it

Investing in forests to fight climate change seems like a sure bet. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, pump out oxygen, and live for decades. What could go wrong?

siberia heatwave climate impacts wildfires

Siberia experiences hottest spring on record, fueling wildfires

In April, many parts of Asia, including Siberia, experienced record heat, which led to wildfires in Russia's northernmost region. The fires, which are likely fueled by climate change, could release more carbon dioxide into the air, which generates further warming, experts say.

Bird flu in Namibia’s penguins wanes, after killing nearly 500

Bird flu in Namibia’s penguins wanes, after killing nearly 500

The disease appears to be abating, but they continue to face threats from food shortages caused by overfishing and climate change.