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Azerbaijani government criticized for silencing media ahead of climate summit
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
FERC authorizes Mountain Valley Pipeline operations
Copper recycling increases as demand soars
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Biden faces calls to declare climate emergency as he heads to Maui

Climate groups and many of the president’s allies in Congress urge him to invoke emergency powers to mitigate environmental threats.
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Brian Boisvert/Flickr/Public DomainU.S. Air Force photo by Brian Boisvert

Bill McKibben: Heat waves and the sweep of history

This burning summer is taking us out of human time.
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As the country burns, where are America’s climate patriots?

The apolitical wrath of climate change has never been more apparent than it is today, begging the question: How can we forge a non-ideological consensus to take on the climate emergency?

Richmond's new climate plan

Richmond underscores equity in new climate plan

Virginia’s capital city has officially declared war on climate change.
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Climate crisis: Widening emissions gap threatens meltdown

The window to rein in climate-wrecking emissions and limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is fast closing, says a UN report. Societal transformation may be the only way to avoid a coming calamity.
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Climate emergency may be dead, but left keeps pushing

The Democrats’ revived climate spending bill may be the death knell for one long-sought goal of progressives: declaring a climate emergency.