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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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How this climate activist justifies political violence

“The reason that people contemplate escalation is that there are no risk-free options left,” says the author of "How to Blow Up a Pipeline."

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Image by anurag Singh from Pixabay

Climate crisis linked to rising domestic violence in south Asia, study finds

As deadly heatwaves sweep through cities in India, China, the US and Europe amid the climate crisis, new research has found that rising temperatures are associated with a substantial rise in domestic violence against women.

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Climate change is making the world more dangerous for women, queers, and gender minorities

Scientists say rising temperatures aren’t the only thing we need to fear this summer. A new study suggests that extreme weather is likely to increase violence against women, queer people, and gender minorities.

James Stavridis: Melting ice caps are a national security crisis

James Stavridis: Melting ice caps are a national security crisis

A study says climate change will cause 1 million species to go extinct. It could also lead to war.